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A Simple Trick – Decorating in Threes
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A Simple Trick – Decorating in Threes

Author: Joey Lewitin
A Simple Trick – Decorating in Threes

If you’re having trouble finding that theme that will bring your whole décor together, you might be looking too hard. A simple trick is to design by the numbers. Buy furnishings in sets of three, and use the novelty of number themed rooms to set the tone for your home.

Try hanging three Van Gogh prints on a wall. Quickly you will find that room referred to as the Van Gogh room. Try the same thing with a different artist in each room and transform your home into an elegant art gallery, with visual decoration in every space.

The same can be done with almost any of your home furnishings. Three clocks hanging in formation from a wall, each loosely related to the other in theme, will create an eye-catching effect. Statues of similar shapes or natures can be arrayed in this numerical method as well; perhaps in three corners of the room, leaving the fourth corner as a focal point.

There are any many novel ways you can use this idea if you are willing to use your imagination. Three decorative lamps, placed on a table can be used to create variouse lighting effects. Beat the boring rectangular restrictions of your fish tank, by buying three and arranging them in a pattern of your choice.

By using several items in groups of threes you turn the rooms theme into the number itself, or your home into a gallery of numbers. While this is a cute method, you don’t want to go too far and end up with something that looks silly. This is a trick to be used with a light touch. Everything in decorating has to remain balanced, and going too far with an idea as unique as this one may bring you into the realm of weird.

About the Author

Joey Lewitin is an author, artist, and designer of home décor accessories made from imported stone. Original designs from him and other artisans can be seen at
The stone home décor store

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