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Home Interior Design Ideas For Challenging Areas

The interior of your home is a sacred shrine that should welcome visitors, surround you with a sense of safety and comfort, and reflect your ideal personality. When a trusted friend stops by to see you, the very first thought you want him to have is “wow, her home makes me think of her unique qualities.” A design plan is needed for this. Home interior design ideas are plentiful, and you are only limited in scope by your imagination.

Begin the revolution of your home at the entrance. A foyer that is both impressive and welcoming, but that inspires a sense of wonder from its design, creates a first impression that will last throughout the rest of the home. Ideally, a foyer with high ceilings and a chandelier will greet a newcomers arrival, but even the smallest entrance to the interior of your home can be designed to be attractive, inviting, and yet grand.

If your home is small then incorporate “space-enlarging” elements, such as lighter shade paints and mirrors, to your rooms. A foyer that is not large enough to hold more than four people can be made to feel enormously larger with the simple addition of large rectangular mirrors placed strategically around the area. Consider the idea of curtains around the mirrors to add the impression of windows.

When designing your “first impression,” consider placing three-dimensional art, such as stone or metal sculptures, to face your front door. Even sculptures that were originally designed to be in gardens or lawns can have a place in your home if you are feeling creative. Think of your options for your foyer that coincide with your own personality, and continue this idea of “self” throughout the rest of your home.

After taking the time to design the first part of your home interior, you may then begin to flow through the rest of the house using the same theme or something radically different. The only rule to live by is this: just design and decorate with what you enjoy.

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