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Interior Design Bedroom Story

"Interior design bedroom?" she asked me. I looked in her glowing blue eyes and saw that twist of emotion that always occurred right before she burst out laughing at my ideas. "We live in a one bedroom apartment, and you want to give us an interior design bedroom?" She doubled over in laughter and fell out of her chair.

I did not care that our small pseudo-studio apartment was not the height of living spaces. My wife and I married on a brisk April afternoon five short months ago, and daily we stepped over boxes of her clothes and crates of my books. I desired a change in our living quarters, and I thought that convincing her to take a weekend design course focused on the bedroom might help us organize. Our room needed it as messy as it was.

I explained my thoughts to her the best way I knew how, and after she gave in to what she sweetly called my "designed puppy-dog eyes," I began preparations for our class. The materials were not what I expected - a book of graph paper, a ruler, and a box of colored pencils - but I had this feeling that were on to something big. The day finally arrived when we'd begin learning to design the perfect bedroom setup; I was psyched.

The class was only an hour in length, but we learned more than we expected. "Do you really think our bedroom has the possibility to look like the pictures in those design books?" she asked on the ride home. I knew that the room where we slept probably would not ever look quite like the sprawling examples from our lesson, but I did look forward to the attempt.

Besides, it would be really quite nice to be able to walk from the bedroom to the bathroom without tripping into boxes and crates of Dickens and brassieres.

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