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Office Interior Design For That Extra Bedroom

Congratulations on the decision to open your own office or business. You are finally your own boss, and the only person that will give you orders from now on is yourself. So you walk with a bounce in your step to your new office location, and you step to the interior with an expectant smile, but there you find ripped up carpet exposing the cement underneath, lime-green paint from the 1970's on the walls, and a strange unknown smell.

But don't just turn around and run away! You got this office for an absolute steal, and the outside appearance is quite pleasant enough. It is just that the interior has been neglected and simply needs a little designer's touch, and if you have enough creativity to open your own office and the organization to run it, then you certainly can start with a basic idea to design an office layout and appearance you will be proud to show off.

Now before you begin by ripping through everything and slapping some paint on the walls, it is time to put the designing in interior design! You are not just a decorator here in your own office, but a design architect. First, plan out your room. Draft a simple, or complicated if you are courageous, outline of where to place each of your office furniture, décor elements, and special equipment.

Next, add elements to your design that will make you feel the most welcome. If you are to spend all of your waking moments trying to make dollar in this location, then adding things that make you feel at home to your design is essential. Designing simple shelves to hold a few plants could be an option, or perhaps you would consider a sitting area complete with comfortable lounge chairs and sofa. Whatever you like - write it down!

After you have completed the interior design for your office, there is only one last step to bring your ideas to fruition: go do it. But before risking your hands - the very hands that will work to keep your office running - consider the best quality of being your own boss. Yes, that's right; you get to be the boss of others. So if you have a few peons lurking around to help you make a buck, call them over for their very first office staff meeting.

Hand them your design, a vacuum cleaner, paintbrush and saw, and tell them you would like it if they were finished with the office before you get back tomorrow morning. Take the rest of your first day off as a reward for your excellent interior designing skills and masterful work ethic - now isn't it great to be your own boss?

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