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Success In Home Interior Design

My other half and I recently made the decision to hire a professional interior designer for all the rooms in our house. We finished building our dream home, and when it came time to bring over everything from our small condominium, we came to the conclusion that a new home should have new things to go inside of it. We, however, had no clue where to begin except to go out and just randomly buy things as had in the past.

Maybe not so lucky for me, my other's half's sister was a licensed interior designer, and she quickly recommended to us that our home would be the best it could be with her services. She persuaded and begged until my other half finally was forced to capitulate from the pressure. "Someone has to do something, so why not her?"

Well, I thought she was out to scam us out of some money. She drove a brand new luxury car and lived in a home three times as large as ours, but she was known to be passionate about creating and producing. And she said she wanted to make the most beautiful interior possible for her favorite sibling. I decided there was nothing wrong with a little nepotism every now and then, as long as a discount was in the works.

I quickly learned the difference between a home decorator and a home interior designer. I expected my sister-in-law to come in my new house with paint samples and fabric swatches, but I never expected her to bring in a carpenter, draftsman and a couple of electricians and plumbers. She informed us that if we thought of our architect as the eggs and flour, then she would be the milk and sugar for the cake of our house.

Did I mention that my sister-in-law is a very creative person? She comes up with the weirdest analogies, but after I saw her start the design process on our home, I knew she was also the icing on the cake. She started with the blueprints of our brand new house, and quickly she had sketches of design ideas for us to voice our opinions on before giving her final approval.

After all was finished, and each contractor had been paid, my other half noticed that there was no bill from my sister-in-law. When we confronted her about our missing invoice she gave us each a hug and told us that she could not imagine a more perfect present for her two favorite new home owners. So of course my opinion of her was changed, and I saw that she was not successful because of the hunger or drive for money.

But rather, she was successful because of her open and warm heart. That is something no one can interior designer can design for you except yourself.



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