The Challenges Of Commercial Interior Design

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The Challenges Of Commercial Interior Design

A commercial interior designer faces a diverse amount of challenges that are quite different from those of the residential, or home, interior designer. Many specialties and subspecialties are the focus of the commercial designer, and each usually requires concentration in various genres and industries. From there, the designer can continue to narrow down to specific designs (i.e. hotel bathroom, retail lobby, high-rise office).

The business interior designer may be self-employed and control his or her own client list, but many commercial designers work for bigger corporations. There, the designers become responsible for the design and implementation of the interior décor and appearance of corporate offices, plants, factories, and other locations and buildings under the scope of the company. Employers include all industries including governments.

Specialties of the commercial interior designer include those that work for the hospitality industry, which includes hotels and restaurants, as well as bars and nightclubs of every size. Retail stores and outlets require an interior designer to create a layout and floor plan for their business locations that will allow the best use of space and the most enjoyable experience for their customers. Designers also work for offices, hospitals, and schools.

The designer may work for a certain type of industry, but he or she may then focus on certain rooms or areas specific to that industry. A restaurant kitchen design would best be served by a designer who has limited his or her professional scope to kitchen designs. Other subspecialties are contingent upon specifics of design, such as lighting, furniture, or floor layout, and designers may be found that specialize in all or each.

Public institutions, such as museums and governments, require commercial design in their public and private areas. One of the First Lady of the United States' responsibilities is the design and décor of the White House, and historically she is granted a staff of professional designers to assist her.

She could, therefore, be considered to hold the ultimate position in commercial interior design.

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