Add A Bed Skirt To Your Decor

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Add A Bed Skirt To Your Decor

A Bed skirt is a decorative covering, which is placed under the mattress and hangs to the floor. Bed skirts are mainly designed to hide bed’s box spring or for hiding what is under the bed. Bed skirts also offers stylish look to the bed. You can choose the color and style of bed skirt with matching of your room’s decor. There are many online stores available for providing large variety of bed skirts. Some of them provide guidance as per your room’s interior decoration. They help in selection of ruffled style match with room’s decor.

Size and drop

Bed skirts are available for king size, queen size, full size, and single size and crib size. If you know your mattress length and width, you can order bed skirt. You should have to know about the drop measurement. The distance from the top of box spring to the floor is called drop, which will determine the length of skirt. Generally bed skirts are having standard drop of about 15”. If your drop is not standard then you can order bed skirt as per bed’s height. There are some stores, which also sell deeper drops for higher beds.

Fabric and color

Large varieties of colored bed skirts are available in market. Bed skirts are available in matching pattern and fabric with their bed sheets and comfort. If manufacturer is not offering matching pattern then many retailers offering custom sewing bed skirts matching with bed sheets. Bed skirts are made from cotton, silk, wool and polyester. If you like better quality fabric then cotton chintz, chenille, or even velvet can be used. If color of bed skirt is dark then it becomes contrast matching with room’s color. If you like most versatility for decorating in room then plain color bed skirts are the best option. Select light color in thin fabric, which may allow the ticking of your box spring to show through

How to care for bed skirts?

Wash bed skirts in cool or lukewarm water less than 104 degrees F. in washing machine set the wash cycle on gentle wash. Avoid use of bleaching powder as it breaks fabric fiber. Use less detergent and extra rinse cycle. Avoid over drying of bed skirts. Remove sheets promptly from the dryers. When you buy a new bed skirt try it on your bed after purchase. Iron the bed skirts all the way round and remove the wrinkles. Follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer with packaged new skirts.

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