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Bedsteads Add To Your Decor

When decorating your room, the selection of your bedstead is as important as anything else. The frame, which provides support to bed, is called bedstead. In a stylish bed room bed plays an important role. Various criteria’s like material used, frame of bed do matter. Generally bedstead is made up of rectangular wooden frame supported by four legs of wood. Wooden slates support bed mattress, which are placed in rectangular wooden frame. Now day’s different verities and shapes are available in bed. Large variety of bedsteads is available as per requirement in online stores. If people do not want to show base of the bed then they use bed skirt to hide the base of bed. Online stores offer all categories of bedsteads as per customer’s requirement.

Iron bedstead

Iron bedstead becomes very popular because of its aesthetic looks. Iron bases are durable and easy in design. Large variety in design is available in iron beds. Life of iron bedstead is longer than traditional wooden bedsteads. To avoid rusting of iron frames, anti rusting material is used for coating the metal. Iron bedsteads are easy to assemble. Pre assembled iron rods are easy to transport.

Bunk bedstead

These bedsteads can be used in children’s room. It is also a space problem solving solution. Two beds are assembled in one bedstead. Generally wood is used to make bedstead. Durable and strong wooden frames are required to make bunk bedstead. Iron rods also used in making of bunk bedsteads.

Captain bedstead

These are also designed for compact space. In captains bedstead drawers and shelves are made in the frame of bedstead. It is designed for storage place. Wood is used to make these bedsteads. Because of drawers and shelves frame become heavier as compare to other frames. More raw materials are required at the time of construction. Trundle bed is the type of captain bed. In trundle bed a smaller bed is stored beneath of main table instead of drawers. Bedstead of trundle bed is made up of iron. Roller coaster is attached to the legs of trundle bed.

Bedstead for Murphy beds

Murphy beds are the beds, which can fold down in wall. Because of lighter in weight, instead of wood iron metal is used to make frame. These beds hide in wall rob. The frame is designed for standard mattress size.

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