Selecting Good Bed Linen

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Selecting Good Bed Linen

Bed linens have been around for a long time. It has advanced from the rough material of old times to the more stylish and classy fabric of today. Bed linens are made up of different fabric and are available in a wide range. Bed linens are available in Egyptian cotton linen, polyester knit satins, the polyester woven knit variety, bridal quality satin, Italian linen, silk linen etc. Bed linens are also available in mix and match sets; designer bedroom sets to suit every one’s taste.

Bed linens are available for bed covers, sheets, pillow covers and bed skirts. They are available in various prints and colors. Bed linens are available in prints like checks, stripes, dots, flowers etc. Bed linens come in subdued hues colors as well as bright colors.

Bed Linens from India are especially popular now days. They come in Khadi or handloom with bright colors, which gives an ethnic touch. They are available in various prints like batik prints, tie-n-dye prints, and block prints. Embroidery linens are especially popular for their ethnic look.

How should I select appropriate bed linen?
Bed linens are available in a huge variety. You should select bed linen according to our favorite combination of print, color, material and budget. While selecting bed linen we should consider durability and ease of maintenance. Quality of fabric is one important aspect that we should mind before choosing bed linen. For children’s bedding, you should go for bright colors and appropriate prints. Normally, you should go for geometric prints, floral prints or themed prints. Also you should select soft fabric.

Luxury bed linens are made up of rich and luxurious fabric with detailed ornamentation. These bed linens give royal look to bedroom. Mainly satin and silk fabrics are very popular. Satin fabric is available in various colors. This fabric is easy to care and machine washable. It requires little care. Silk fabric is known for its long lasting elegance, superior comfort and easy care.

Embroidery bed linens are very also popular now days. These beautiful bed linens are available in bright colors and in various prints like horses, elephants, and traditional floral patterns. These are available in sequins that add more elegance.

Fashion bed linen includes ornate and luxurious silk and cotton bed linens that are available in traditional design, embroidery designs, floral designs etc. These bed linens are perfect to lend an outlandish look. Luxurious duvets, comforters and decorative pillows are available in different ranges from basic to elegant.

If you are looking for something that can be used daily and comfortable, then go for cotton bed linens. These bed linens are made up from natural fabric.

Cost of bed linen
Prize of bed linens vary according to material and print. Generally it starts from $70.Silk, Embroidery linens and handloom linens are expensive. One can always choose bed linen according to his or her budget.

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