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Attic Bedroom Design

Creating a cozy and useful attic bedroom design can give you extra space without the cost of an addition as well as add value to your house and make it more appealing to buyers.
You can transform your attic into a bedroom or even a bed with half bath for much less than it would cost to add one on, however there are some challenges inherent in remodeling an attic.

One challenge in your attic bedroom design is lighting. Is there adequate windows in the space or will the room seem dark and unappealing? If there are not enough windows to light the space up, consider having a sky light installed. If that is not an option, then make sure you install plenty of lighting - recessed as well as floor and table lamps so the room seems bright and cheery.

When making your attic into a bedroom, you'll also need to consider the stairs, climate control, wall coverings, ceiling and floors. Are the stairs easy to get up? You may want to consider replacing them if they are rickety or have thin steps. You'll want to extend your heating and air conditioning up into the attic as well as insulate if it is not already insulated. The flooring should be sound proofed before you install any carpeting so you don't hear the person overhead in your second floor bedrooms. Walls and ceilings should be dry walled and finished to match the main rooms of the house.

The décor in your attic bedroom design can be almost anything from rustic, to elegant to country. If it is a special getaway for a little girl, you might consider a special girls bedroom design. Either way, you'll need to consider the shape of the room and height of the walls. Most attics have shorter walls that slant up towards the ceiling. This limits your choices on bureaus and accessories.

You may have to go with a bed that has no headboard so it will fit against the wall. If you are going for an exotic or romantic bedroom design, you can add some netting over the bed that hangs from the slanted wall to add some interest and make good use of the slant.

Low bureaus are best - make sure you measure the height of the wall before you go shopping. If you can't find low bureaus, try mixing in some antique servers they'll and charm to the room as well. Create sitting areas in the middle of the room, so you don't bump your head on the ceiling.

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