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Baby Bedroom Designs

Baby bedroom designs can really take a bite out of your budget so you need to figure out what you want it to look like ahead of time and stick to the plan.
Of course you want your babies room to be perfect so the tendency to buy all those cute things you see can be overwhelming. If you plan out carefully how you want to decorate then you should be able to get the perfect room without going overboard. When planning, remember that your baby will eventually outgrow this design and you will most likely be redecorating in 3 or 4 years.

Baby bedroom designs centers around the crib so you'll want to make sure you buy crib bedding that matches your theme. In most cases the bedding is what makes the theme and crib bedding is what dictates the theme and you can buy bedding in jungle prints, animals, butterflies, Disney characters and everything in between!

If you want to really do up your babies bedroom design, then you can get matching wallpaper, borders, curtains and even throw rugs. What might be more practical; however is to let the crib be the focal point and keep everything else neutral. That way if you sell the house, or when the baby outgrows the look, it will be easy to change.

One thing that is popular in baby bedroom designs is to have a large mural painted on the wall. This looks great but can be problematic if you move or redecorate - who wants to paint over a mural that they just paid big bucks for? One solution to that is to have it painted on a giant canvas or paper and then hang that on the wall. This way you can have it forever and even pass it on down to someone else when your baby outgrows it.

If anything, baby bedroom designs should focus on color and , of course safety. Buy only modern approved products so you know you are getting things that are safe for your baby. Usually I recommend shopping at garage sales and flea markets to save money, but this is one room where you don't want to skimp. Babies love color so make sure you include some bright colors in the room - a mobile that hangs over the bed is a good place for that.

Use bright and cute accessories to punch up the room. You can buy whimsical potty training chairs through our merchant link below as well as cute rocking horses and of course crib bedding. You can personalize the room by hanging "babies first" photos on the wall and migrating to the childs drawing and special artwork as he gets older. Pull the room together with whimsical clocks, lights, trash barrels, towels and stuffed animals - even a room with plain walls can look great with lots of accessories!

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