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Bedroom Closet Designs That Double Storage Space

Bedroom closet designs can be just as important as the design of your main room.
A good bedroom closet design will make your closet more roomy so you will have plenty of places to store clothes, shoes and purse and be able to access them easily.

If your closet is simply a pole that reaches from end to end, then you simply must revamp it! With some clothing specific furniture, you'll be able to get more organized and avoid the frustration of pawing through the closet searching for what you need.

There's some great pre-made bedroom closet designs which are made from nice wood and can be installed in your closet. There’s also some similar modular design components made from less costly materials that can do the same trick. Make sure you buy materials that will be sturdy enough to hold your items and last the test of time.

When creating bedroom closet designs, you want to keep in mind what kind of clothing you have and how much of it. Do you have tons of shoes, but not a lot of shirts? Then you'll want more storage units for shoes. If you have a lot of hats, scarves and purses, make sure you design in storage space for those. Your bedroom closet design should be customized to the types of clothing and accessories you own.

You don't have to have a big walk in closet to get lots of storage space! You can buy design units for reach in closets and, of course if you have a huge closet you can even buy islands that go in the middle of the closet for extra drawer and folding space!

Some other units that you can incorporate into your bedroom closet designs include:

  • Shoe Cube - individual cubes fit your shoes perfectly so that you can easily see what shoes you have and select the right ones.
  • Tiered Tie Racks - tiered rods display your ties individually without taking up too much space. Makes selecting a tie a snap.
  • Drawer Units - a small bureau inside your closet provides drawer space for those little things you don't want to leave out in the open
  • Shelves - for folding sweater and jeans or holding purses, hats or what have you.
  • Slide Out Bins - integrate your laundry basket into your closet - use slide out bins to store dirty laundry, then simply slide them out and bring down to the laundry room on wash day.

    A well though out bedroom closet design can easily double or triple your closet space. Don't forget to add stacked rods for your shorter items to hang on top of each other which gives you twice as much space.

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