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Bedroom Design - Master Suite tips on themes and furniture placement.
Master bedroom design themes can help turn your plain old bedroom into a luxurious retreat. Often times, the master bedroom is the last one in the house to get a well deserved update since it is largely a low traffic area. But this room can be your special retreat that you can use to get away from it all at the end of a long day.

Decorating your master bedroom suite can be as simple as just adding a nice matching novelty bedding set and some matching curtains. Maybe a new paint job on the walls? You won't believe how big of a difference just these 2 changes will make!

If you have bigger design ideas for your master bedroom suite, then check out our menu over on the right. We have some great tips on designs that range from modern to vintage. Get romantic with a french bedroom, or get the classical old world look of Italy. If you want a really relaxing atmosphere, check out our tips for an oriental master bedroom design and especially our article on Zen Bedroom Design.

Designing your master bedroom suite isn't all about the color schemes and decorations. You need to properly place the furniture for the best use of the room. Obviously, you want to keep your bed (or anything else) out of the way of traffic and place furniture along walls that match the scale of the piece.

In many master bedroom designs, the bed and bedding plays a key role so it is advisable to place the bed directly across from the entrance door. That way you will get the full impact of the bed when you first walk in. A diagonal placement is nice but you do have to have big room to get away with it.

Another important aspect of your master suite, is the storage. It defeats the purpose to have a wonderfully relaxing bedroom and then get all stressed out when you go in the closet. If your closet is stuffed full and disorganized you won’t be relaxed for long no matter how soothing the bedroom is! One way to prevent the mess and effectively double your storage space is to buy a closet organizer. You can get some nice wooden laminate ones or if you want to save a few bucks there are coated metal ones that work just as well.

When designing your master bedroom suite, you want the bedroom and bathroom to compliment each other. You can carry the bedroom wall color over into the bathroom, or paint it in a complimentary color. Use one of the accent colors in the bedroom to allow the bath to “match” but also have a look of it’s own.

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