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When thinking of a boy bedroom design, you want to find a way to make the bedroom grow with your child.
Designing a boys bedroom for a newborn is simple, but it won't take long before he is a toddler and you'll want his room to be more geared towards that age. For this reason it might be a good idea to stay away from pastels when painting the nursery and adding carpet. Toddlers like primary colors so you might want to go with a brighter yellow for the nursery or even white and you can use your bedding and accents to decorate the room. If you have wall to wall carpet, pick a blue or neutral shade.

As a toddler, you may want to buy a trendy bed shaped like a fire truck or race car for your boys bedroom. This isn't such a bad idea if you have the money. I would suggest you buy used bureaus or get hand me downs and paint them in bright reds or blues to go with the bed. Your boy will soon be outgrowing this and you can get some nice bedroom furniture that will last into adulthood so you'll want to save your money for that.

Use a theme design with matching bedding, rugs and accessories to give the room punch. Some great theme bedroom designs for young boys that I found at our recommended merchant (see the link at bottom of article ) include, galaxy theme with planets, moons and stars, locker room theme, Jimmy Neutron space room, rug rats sports room and airplane accessories,

Once you are ready to get rid of the toddler bed, you can buy some nice furniture that will go with any boy bedroom design. Buy something that is sturdy and kid proof and it can last until he goes off to college. If you get something plain, it will match with almost any bedroom design - the locker room furniture at our merchant below is an exception as it does have a decorative style but can go with a young boy to a college age kid. You can use the wall coverings, rugs, bedding, accessories and curtains to decorate the room in any design you want but keep the furniture a constant.

By this time, you probably will need to give the walls a new coat of paint. Remember, that you will want this paint to last until the teens so you might want to pick a neutral color that will go with almost any boys bedroom design. If a new wall to wall carper is in order keep the same thing in mind. If you can, put in hard wood and you can use accent rugs and change them out as the design changes. (you can also use them on top of wall to wall carpet if you want!)

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