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Making Your Bedroom Child And Pet Friendly
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Making Your Bedroom Child And Pet Friendly

You want an elegant and luxurious master bedroom, but you’re afraid the kids and pets will ruin it?

Well now you can have both! You can make use of new materials and furniture to get the best of both worlds – elegant living with kid friendly practicality.

Kid Proof Materials

Yes, choosing the right material can make all the difference when furnishing your bedroom.

Have you always loved leather? Well it's not only great for minor spills that are quickly wiped off, it also wears well, even gaining a beautiful patina with time and use. Leather does not collect pet hair as a cloth couch or chair would, and crumbs and dirt will wipe off easily. Leather furniture works great to create a sitting area in a masculine, contemporary or exotic look bedroom.

If your bedroom is more light and airy you may prefer fabric upholstery in your sitting area. Think of luxurious Ultrasuede. Sophisticated enough for even the most formal rooms, it's looks belie the easy care of the material. You won't deal with fading or staining the way you are accustomed to with cotton, and many stains will come off quite easily with a damp cloth.

Your bedding can be easily washable if you purchase the right materials. A print pattern in cotton or other washable fabric will work well to hide stains. On the other hand, try to stay away from delicate materials like silks or velvets which stain easily and are difficult to clean.

Kid Proof Furniture

If you have small children you may also consider choosing soft furnishings, like ottomans, to replace hazards such as hard edged tables. You can even buy upholstered bed frames that are soft on the corners.

Area rugs can be great for keeping light colored carpets in good shape, but be certain they rest flat so children are not prone to trip over them. Selecting heavy rugs or using a special padding underneath to reduce movement would be especially recommended when using rugs on hard, slippery surfaces.

When choosing wood furnishings, light or dark, be sure it has a protective clear coat so that marks and spills do not ruin the finish.

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