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Shopping For Custom Bedroom Design Pieces

Picking custom bedroom design accents and furniture for your room doesn’t need to be difficult or pricey.
You can get good quality pieces for much less if you are willing to do some leg work. Of course, if money is no object, then your local furniture and décor store should be able to supply you with most of what you need in 1 trip!

One you have decided to design your own bedroom and have selected the furniture and accessories that will fit your design, it’s time to go shopping! One of my favorite places to shop is the consignment store right down the street from my house. It's rather an upscale store but the prices are great.

People bring their old furniture, wall art and decorative items there when the redesign and I've found some great values, including antique pieces for less than $10.00! Pick a consignment store that is kept up nice and doesn’t just take any old thing - you can tell right away when you walk in, if it looks like a good furniture store and isn't all cluttered and junky, then you will eventually be able to find a good quality pieces for your custom bedroom design

Other places to find the pieces you need include yard sales, flea markets and even antique shops. People often think that antique shops only have expensive stuff, but most general malls have great deals on decorative items so you can find some nice unique pieces to give your custom bedroom design a one of a kind look.

When shopping for your custom bedroom design accessories and furniture, you should bring a list and stick to what is on the list. Otherwise you might find yourself coming home with a lot of neat stuff that doesn’t fit into your design! Also, on the list, write down the approximate size of what you need - like a 9" vase or a 12 X 12 painting. That way you can make sure the pieces stay to scale

Shopping for custom bedroom design pieces this way will save you tons of money, but it also may take quite a while before you come across those perfect pieces. If you are in a hurry, you might want to buy some of the pieces you have to have right away new and then wait it out for some of the accessories that you can live without for a while. Of course, you need to stop in at the consignment and antique stores frequently (every day if you can) since new inventory is added every day and the good stuff gets snapped up right away. It's a good idea to always have your list handy and to stop in every time you are out running errands or on your lunch hour every couple of days. Also, you can tell the people what you are looking for and ask them to give you a call if one comes in - then you can rush down and snap it up!

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