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Elegant Bedroom Designs

Elegant bedroom designs feature sleek fabrics and upscale furniture and accents.
High quality is the look you are going for, but that doesn't have to be expensive. You can shop at consignment stores, yard sales and antique stores for high quality furniture and accessories that won't break your budget.

Elegant bedroom designs can be any color you choose, but typically consist of rich colors in earth or jewel tones. One great color combination is tan and black and you can make some really elegant looks with this combination. Use deep rich colors for the walls - perhaps something with a golden tone or a rich pattern.

Lighting for elegant bedroom designs should be a bit conservative, but you should have plenty of accent lighting. Get rid of the overhead, center of the room light and install either recessed or trendy track lighting and buy nice quality lamps for your side tables and tables that are beside the bed. The base can be either wood or metal and the shades can be any good quality material.

Use drapes instead of curtains and by area rugs that are in rich colors with an oriental design. Oil paintings in lemon gold frames is perfect for elegant bedroom designs, but you can also make reproductions or posters work if they are framed in a quality frame. Tapestries are nice if you want the room to have a baroque feel. For a touch of whimsy, you can have a mural painted on the wall or a faux niche painted or stenciled in.

You can make almost any furniture work with an elegant bedroom design, but of course high quality furniture looks best! Either way, you can remove the furniture from focus by dressing it up with accents, tablecloths and bedding.

Elegant bedding should be made with luxurious materials. Silk works great but you can also get a good look with a nice bedding set in colors that match your room. Make sure your sheets and comforter match so you can pull down one side of the comforter and get lots of extra pillows to make the bed look great.

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