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Hardside waterbed sheets can be problematic due to the unstructured nature of the waterbed bladder.
A hardsided waterbed refers to a bed that has a balloon or bladder filled with water. The bladder sits inside a bed frame made of wood or another hard material. The frame has hard sides that hold the bladder in a rectangular shape.

Waterbeds are quite comfortable as they support every inch of your body but hardside waterbed sheets can be difficult to put on and if not fitted properly can come untucked in the middle of the night leaving you in a tangled mess.

When I got my first waterbed, I soon discovered that the fitted sheets with elastic on the edges just don't work well. I opted to use a flat sheet and tucked it under the bladder. This was a lot of hard work since you had to lift the bladder up and slide the sheet under - those things are heavy! Some sheet sets for waterbeds have the top and bottom sheet sewn together at the bottom edge which can help keep your top sheet from coming untucked but doesn’t work so good if the whole thing comes untucked!

If you do have a problem with your hardside waterbed sheets coming untucked, you can buy sheets with stay-tite poles. These sheets have poles that lock the sheet under the mattress. The design uses the weight of the mattress to keep the sheets from slipping out.

No matter what kind of sheets you buy, you'll want to pick the highest quality sheet you can for the money you can afford. Most sheets have list a 200 thead count which is a low to medium end sheet. The higher the thread count, the better the sheets will feel to sleep in, and of course, the more expensive they will be. Cheaper sheets, however won't last long whereas sheets with a higher thread count can last 10 years or more if cared for properly. To get the most luxurious sheets, buy 100% cotton - Egyptian cotton is best and a thread count of 600 or more is great. If you can't afford that, go for the highest thread count you can afford - you will notice the difference!

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